Sketchbook Words

I’ve been working on a series called “Words Create Worlds”.
Here are some ideas from one of my daily sketchbooks.

I’ve always tried to figure out ways of writing English words in a vertical format,
following the Asian calligraphic tradition. I’ve tried a number of approaches over the years.
With the explosion of the internet, it’s much easier to find other artists
who have found interesting solutions to this challenge.
I’ve been experimenting with a couple of ideas lately – this one comes from David Chang
and his loose way of combining vertical and horizontal writing.

The phrase “words create worlds” comes from appreciative inquiry,
but the concept is prevalent in many of the world’s wisdom traditions.
It’s actually an important part of why I got interested in calligraphy in the first place.
We have choice about what words we choose to dwell on in our lives,
both internally and externally.
That choice is fateful.
Here are some words I like to keep in mind.

Sketchbook ideas for my “Words Create Worlds” series: aligned, relaxed, resilient


Sketchbook ideas for my “Words Create Worlds” series: clear, awake, confident