I’ve come to realize, you can practice music for hours and hours
and never see any visible sign of the effort. However, with calligraphy and visual art,
there are the inevitable pages and pages of practice, trials and sketches that accumulate around the studio.
The great majority of this practice never sees the light of day and much of it might even be thrown away immediately.

In a lot of cases, this may be just a small sheet of graph paper,
but this past year I’ve been doing a lot of practice with the flat brush.
Sometimes the letters are 5 or 6 inches high, which, of course, requires much larger paper.
As the year comes to a close, these images are a tribute to a small part of the practice that’s never seen.

Pages and pages of flat brush practice have accumulated in my studio
The old pages and the roll of new paper, waiting for patient practice
Graph paper, layout paper, printmaking paper, charcoal paper, watercolor paper – pages and pages of practice accumulate in the studio.