About This Site

Thank you for visiting my website! There is a lot to explore, including new photography and visual art. I’ll be posting more in the coming weeks, including quite a bit of new music. Since the last time I made major additions to this site, I’ve accumulated many new photographs. As a result, I’ve split out photography into its own section and all but two of the galleries are new. You can read my perspective on photography and the ability to rapidly accumulate images by clicking on Photography in the navigation.

The home page of the new site acts like a “featured” page. It contains links to specific galleries, each of which also appears in the site navigation. As I post new galleries, the newest will always appear at the top of the list on the home page. Note, however, that new music will not appear on the home page. You’ll have to go through the navigation to find new albums or tracks.

Since I’ve reconfigured the site, I now have an easier way to actually create blog posts, which I hope to do more consistently. The Daily Creative in the navigation is the blog section of the site. If you want to read the posts, just click on All Posts in the navigation. The blog posts will most often be about calligraphy practice along with images of what I’m working on. If you like, you can bypass the writing and just look through a gallery of daily practice images by clicking Image Gallery under the Daily Creative section. This gallery will contain all the images of daily calligraphy practice that I’ve posted periodically into the blog. The newest images should be at the top.  If you just want to hear new music I’ve posted through the blog, you can click on New Music in the navigation.

I’ve also included more writing in this version of the website. It’s something that I plan to add to in the coming months. Some will be on creative process (which I’ve already started) and some will be thoughts on education and pedagogy.

Finally, please take a quick moment just to say hello – I’d really enjoy hearing from you!