World Music & Kid’s Songs

I’ve been teaching music to children for nearly three decades.
There were always a few songs for which I couldn’t find suitable recordings, so
I recorded or arranged them myself.
At the time I recorded many of these songs, I was also teaching
a contemporary musicianship class with high school students (The Lab School Funk Band),
so, of course, I recruited them to play and sing on the recordings.

I continue to use these songs regularly (sometimes daily)
in my elementary music classroom – they’ve stood the test of time.
Some of them are simple chants for which we sing, dance, drum and tell stories about.
Others are songs we just learn to sing, often with some kind of rhythm challenge.
A few are for rhythm band practice and some are just instrumental beats
we use for warmups.

Over the years, many of these songs have made it into our performances.

This collection is licensed under a Creative Commons – Attribution license.
These tracks are all downloadable.

Thanks for listening!