People & Portraits

I’m a solitary landscape and nature photographer at heart, but when I began teaching photography and media arts in 2009, my friend Reese Moriyama was just starting his professional photography career and he was quickly learning (and teaching me) all the nuts and bolts of off-camera flash and portrait photography. Reese was the one who first turned me on to David Hobby’s blog Strobist and Hobby’s visual journal HoCo360 – the model for our student blog ULShoots.

In the early years, many of the photography students were interested in fashion and portraiture (especially senior portraits), so I included flash photography in the curriculum. Primarily as a result of teaching, I find myself in the position of taking more photos of people than I would otherwise. This gallery has some of my favorites, chosen sometimes for the technical aspects and sometimes for the subject matter. It’s mostly students, but there’s also some family shots included as well.