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All the music on this website is copywritten by me under a Creative Commons license. Under this particular license you are free to use the music without royalty or licensing fee for your own personal use as well as for commercial projects as long as you give credit, in the form of written credit (video/film projects) or aural sounder (audio projects). Donations are accepted, of course, and can be made through my Bandcamp page, which is also where you can easily download all of my music in various formats.

For more specific information about the license, you can review the relevant Creative Commons license.

It’s also considered a kind gesture if you send me a link to the project if it ends up on the web. I enjoy seeing the different ways my work eventually gets used and I’m happy to spread the word about your creative work.

Images & Writing

The same copyright applies to the art and photography images and any writing that is mine. You are welcome to use these, but it’s good form to give credit. Most of the artwork shown here is already in private collection, but there are a few things that are still for sale. If you see something you’re interested in, please contact me. The only prints I have at this point are sets of greeting cards of the calligraphy piece Beauty We Love – I with text by Rumi (see the Calligraphy gallery under the Visual Media menu). If you are interested in obtaining any of these, please contact me.