Recent Work

Here’s a glimpse into what I’ve been up to lately. If you’re looking for recent calligraphy and handmade books, check out the Daily Creative blog or the Daily Creative image gallery.

At the same time I was creating photographs based on a 3:1 aspect ratio, I was also painting in a similar manner, oftentimes combining panels to create the wide field of view I was interested in. In fact, many of the images in this collection should really be part of that series. (See the Horizon & Light series in the Photography section.) I’m often influenced by music, especially music in movies. A number of the watercolor paintings were influenced by the movie Ondine, which was filmed in the beautiful landscapes of Ireland and included excerpts from the Pat Metheny song One Quiet Night, which is used to excellent effect in the movie.

The watercolor painting of a mouse, phone, USB thumb drive and ruling pen are part of an on-going series of paintings depicting implements of the modern, 21st century digital world (OK, maybe not the ruling pen).