Recent Morning Brush Practice

Here are a couple of sheets of recent morning brush practice.
Besides lettering practice, I’m also experimenting with polyrhythm on these pages.

Combining layers has always one of my favorite parts of doing lettering practice.
This layering reminds me of African mbira and drumming music in which different
rhythmic and melodic structures are occurring simultaneously at any one point in time.

If you listen in a general way, you get the effect of all the parts combined, but you can also focus
into the different sonic layers and hear new and different combinations.
In these two practice sheets you can focus on the lighter value letters
and you’ll see their particular pattern,
but you can adjust your seeing to focus on the darker values (or medium values)
and start seeing different combinations.

Morning Brush Practice – watercolor on Arches Text Wove – each sheet is 25 1/2″ x 40″
Morning Brush Practice – watercolor on Arches Text Wove