Pages and Pages

When you practice music every day, for example playing the piano,
you don’t really generate anything tangible.
It’s all internal or fleeting audible.
But doing calligraphy regularly one eventually accumulates pages and pages of experiments,
tries and just plain practice.

And when you practice with larger tools like the 1/2″ brush,
those practice sheets are pretty big!
This is a collage of excerpts from some of the many large sheets of craft paper
I’ve recently accumulated working with the flat brush – mostly the 1/2″ brush
and occasionally smaller brushes.
There’s really nothing to do with them, but sometimes
I’ll cut them up and put them into a large handmade book. Here though,
I’ve just made a collage of some of the sheets.
There’s Neuland and Roman capitals (and some variations), some foundational (miniscules),
blackletter and a lot of individual stroke practice for brush written Romans.

Flat Brush Practice Pages – excerpts of practice with the 1/2″ and 3/8″ flat brush – poster paint on craft paper