Nano Gallery WIP 1

I’ve started writing my calligraphy installation
in the Nano Gallery of Honolulu Museum of Art School. In this image of the left wall,
you can see several parts.

I’ve completed the dense textural section written in Neuland(ish).
I’ve also started some large condensed italic with a 2″ flat brush
and some foundational written with a 1/2″ flat brush.

It’s been an interesting and challenging venture so far.
Up to this point, I’ve never tried to do calligraphy
on a vertical surface or in tight, cramped spaces.
I’ve also never tried to do calligraphy on a slippery,
yet bumpy, enamel painted surface (with tempera, no less).
It’s taking some getting used to.

The left wall of the Nano Gallery so far. The dense texture of the Neuland (ish) capitals is completed.