Journal Cover

This is the cover of a handmade daily journal I recently put together.

Each morning, for a few minutes, I try to bring to mind
all the various things that I’m grateful for or that I appreciate
about my life and this amazing world in which we find ourselves.

Most days, I write these down in some journal or sketchbook.
Some days, I’ll just list them, other days I’ll reflect and write a little more deeply about them.
I’ve found that over time,
these journals are a source of support and inspiration when life doesn’t always present itself the way I’d prefer.

Another thing that I’ve noticed
is that even though this practice only takes a few minutes each morning,
I find that I’m much more likely to recall gratitude and appreciation during the day.
Each moment is filled with an infinite number of interpretations – finding things
I appreciate about a situation or discovering things I’m grateful for
helps me recognize the fluid, marvelous nature of life and connect (or reconnect) to that flow.

Cover of my most recent gratitude | appreciations journal