Gratitude - detail

From the archive – one of my very first calligraphy projects.

My very first calligraphy class was with Laurie Doctor.
I studied calligraphy, book arts and design intensively with her for several years.

Recently, I was going through some old work, looking for something to re-purpose as a book cover
and ran across this piece. I had completely forgotten about it,
especially since I had never taken a picture of it. This was one of the final projects
I did for that very first class. Even though the calligraphy is a little “clunky” (as Laurie might have said),
I still like this piece and especially the energy of it. And now, I’m happy to have an image of it.

I did this work as a meditation – it was my artistic and meditative response
to the Columbine shootings that had just happened.

From the archive – one of my very first calligraphy projects from back in the day – watercolor and gouache on watercolor paper

Gratitude - detail