Sky Above, Earth Below

A brief collection of images shot on 35mm film from some of my favorite places on the planet,
many of which are in the American Southwest.



The moon, like the stars, somehow mesmerizes me. I love looking up and seeing it rising, setting or just hanging in the night sky. Living in an urban environment has its costs and one of them is the perceived absence of the moon and stars at night. Of course, they’re there – a constant presence – but we’re usually unable to see them.

In the 5th grade I took a field trip to the observatory on the campus of the University of North Carolina. I immediately wanted to become an astronomer. In fact, I first become interested in photography when I was in college studying astronomy. I was learning to take images through the telescope and then develop and print them in the darkroom. With the astronomy club, I traveled by car from North Carolina to Saskatchewan, Canada to photograph a solar eclipse (in February). It was the beginning of my fascination with photographing the stars and celestial objects.

Every now and again the moon is especially stunning and I try to capture it with an ordinary digital camera. This is a gallery that I will continue to add to so check back every now and then. I especially love trying to find the tiniest of slivers when the moon is only a day or so away from new. Usually, the moon is dark for a several days a month, but if you know where to look and what time, you can sometimes catch it a little closer to new.




This gallery contains some of my early watercolor paintings,
most of which are in private collections now, but you can check out more recent work here.


Books and Journals

I first learned how to make books from Laurie Doctor
and her then-assistant, Jill Berry. That was many years ago and ever since, I’ve replaced
most of my daily calendars and sketch books with handmade versions. I regularly keep a number of different journals going,
from dream journals to sketch books, to books devoted to collecting inspiration.
Occasionally, I’ll make a small book for a single poem or passage.

I am in the process of updating this site and have some new images of books to post.
Please check back soon!


Graphite Drawing

Drawing was one of the first art forms I enjoyed as a child,
and even into my teens I loved making pencil drawings of all kinds of things.
For me, it’s an exercise in clear seeing and body-mind coordination. Above
all, it seems to calm me down, whether it’s a formal drawing like those in this
gallery or just a doodle on a the back of an envelope.


Back to the Basics

At various times, I’ve been able to settle into a morning routine
that includes calligraphy practice. Sometimes the practice is actually making finished pieces.
Other times, it’s just back to the basics of form with something like Roman Capitals
done in monoline to really emphasize the proportions, shapes and angles.

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